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At Yahhvi, you can find a variety of electric vehicle charging systems and pick the one that is most suitable for your needs. We stock products produced by major manufacturers primarily the AC chargers and the DC chargers. We want to encourage the green movement and with the convenient electric chargers we provide, we hope more people will shift to electric vehicles.


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Explore our range of electric vehicle charging products

EO chargers are well suited to be installed in full-fleged charging stations that fulfills the need for volume vehicles and also commercially profitable for the installers.

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Our EO chargers are home chargers that are compatible with all plug-in vehicle brands, OLEV approved, and have a universal socket.

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We make fleet charging easy ! You can get real-time charging station information and generate detailed reports on fuel savings and more.

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Advantages of using our charger

  • 01

    High quality

    Our high-quality chargers are OLEV approved. They are long-lasting and fast charging.
  • 02

    Online Support

    We offer online support regarding our products. You can call us or write back to us.
  • 03

    Smart connected

    The chargers are compatible with almost every socket, making them super easy to use.
  • 04

    Quick installation

    The chargers are installed by our team trained at the Academy within a few hours of the purchase.
  • 05

    Customised Chargers

    We specialise into Customising your electric chargers. Give a personalised touch to your chargers.
  • 06

    Wifi control

    Access your charger from even remote locations.

Become a Distributor

The future is electric. Become a part of the transformation towards Clean and Green Energy. 

You can write to us if you are interested in distributing our electric charging systems. 


Our Clients

Superfast Charging!

Charging made Easy,Efficient and Convenient

Our fast chargers are the most advanced car chargers available, promising to deliver a full tank of juice in minutes. The cost of using electric automobiles is coming down, while battery life and driving ranges are getting longer.

1300 electric cars

Sold every day in the world

More and more people are choosing electric cars over cars that run on petrol and diesel because they are environment-friendly, cheaper to use, and convenient. You can also contribute to a cleaner environment by buying an electric car.

Know the future better

The new era is here...

The future of cars is electric. The world is running out of fossil fuels! Why wait! Make the shift to electric cars now.

Our mission:

Make the world cleaner, save natural resources, create comfort for people


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