March 8, 2020

GO GREEN! GOING GREEN! We have often heard these ongoing news and world discussions. Going green simply means embracing a way of life that helps preserve the environment by reducing, reusing, and recycling items by learning and practicing an environmentally-minded lifestyle. 

The major aim of going green is to reduce pollution, reduce resources consumption and eliminate wastes, conserve natural resources and forests and to maintain the natural ecological balance on earth so that all living things can survive and thrive in their natural habitat. Let us see how just by changing and adapting daily lifestyle to greener alternatives like electric cars can make bring about huge difference and benefits with time.

Some of the major effects or benefits of adapting green sustainable lifestyle are:

Impact by Recycling

A benefit of going green at home is that it helps reduce wastage, we can reuse or give our unwanted items for recycling, and helps reduce waste products. Valuable free land initially intended for landfills and incineration plants can now be used for alternative productive purposes. 

Recycling can help maintain life standards and moreover our valuable resources can be saved by recycling. Also, recycling needs only a fraction of energy compared to producing new goods. Same goes for electric cars as they are recharged, unlike cars running on fuels, which cannot be reused.

Diminish Air, Water and Land Pollution 

Use of fossil fuels like petroleum, natural gas, and coal, and burning wood produce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), and many harmful chemicals that pollute the air. Uses of alternative energy sources that are renewable and sustainable help reduce air pollution. Just like cars or vehicles running on alternatives release little or no emissions. Water pollution is caused by point sources where wastes are discharged into rivers and oceans. Land can be polluted when industrial wastes are dumped creating brownfields, this then leaches into soil, and then groundwater. 

Using alternative energy sources in our daily lifestyle like EV (electric vehicles) can bring huge revolution to such pollution issues. These vehicles will use charging stations as easily as charging one’s cell phone.

Effects on Health and Wildlife

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), that has led to the premature death of 3 million people and going green can save such lives, both Human and Wildlife. Decreasing air pollutants would reduce water pollution by decreasing acid rain and eutrophication that can harm to wildlife especially in aquatic environments, crops and forests. By taking these measures the health impact can be reduced as well. Cleanliness, zero noise, zero tailpipe emission, less maintenance cost, less running cost are some of the advantages of Electric Cars compared to conventional vehicle.

Environmental Benefits for Going Green

An obvious advantage of going green is the environmental benefits like organic farming means responsible farming practices and land use which reduces greenhouse gases emission and thus lowers air pollution. Going green can help save the rainforests; help preserve the animal habitat and ecosystem. Reducing plastic waste and dumping of industrial waste can help hundreds of species that are harmed or dying in oceans. Land and soil degradation occurring due to intensive farming, over-grazing and deforestation has led to desertification and arable land is being lost.

If we embrace paperless practices in the office through opting to go digital helps conserve the trees that would have otherwise been cut and used as raw materials to produce papers. And as a part of going digital, we can also resort to electric cars and bikes. If an electric vehicle is assessed, it’s 100% eco-friendly as an Electric Vehicle moves using the energy stored in the battery.

Climate Change – Global Warming

Greenhouse gas emissions, one of the most important threats that cause air pollution also lead to climate change. Report by NASA states that, burning fossil fuels, deforestation, land-use change, production of nitrogen fertilizers, are the some of the major reasons behind the abrupt global warming. 

The results of climate change are rising temperature, melting polar ice-caps and glaciers, rise in sea-level and submergence of coastal land, changes in precipitation patters, increase in extreme weather events. The impact can, however, be worse with every degree rise in temperature and steps are needed to address the effects of climate change.

Turning to electric vehicles will help as they are 100% eco-friendly as they do not emit any gases and generate low noise.

Stop Deforestation and Habitat Loss

Going green and using alternatives like solar energy charging, electric vehicles, etc. can help deforestation. Despite international efforts to protect forests and other habitats, a scientific 2016 study found that half of 825 natural ecosystems were still at a high risk of being destroyed. Let us encourage green practices to impact the environment in a number of ways.

Save Biodiversity and Human Livelihoods by Sustainable Living

Protecting forests means that saving habitats, forests are home to 80% of biodiversity and provide many ecosystem benefits. Daily travel is made now eco-friendly by the auto-motive industry with electric vehicles.

To conclude, you can very well guess that this is not even tip of ice-burg. Going green just would mean in simple terms caring, loving and adapting ways that reduces the harm we are causing today. Electric vehicles are being widely adapted by the automotive world and becoming our present, its future is quiet prominent.

“None of us can change our yesterdays, but all of us can change our tomorrows.”   – Colin Powell

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