Yahhvi - The leading distributor network for electric vehicle charging systems

Our EV Charging systems are smart and user-friendly which help fulfill our nation’s bigger goal of clean mobility. We are the best distribution network for robust, reliable and authorized chargers across Indian.

We welcome you to the world of electric mobility and affordable travel.

About Our Company



  • To reduce dependency on the grid system
  • of charging and make possible an electric
  • energy ecosystem solely dependent on
  • smart chargers that can be connected by
  • WiFi.
  • We want to provide smart charging
  • solutions for your EV so that you can take
  • a ride whenever you like.


  • To encourage the use of green energy
  • which is more efficient and better for the
  • environment


  • We believe in:
  • 1. Making products that support
  • sustainability.
  • 2. Making products that are affordable yet
  • efficient.
  • 3. Simple and smart use of renewable
  • energy.

Our Collaboration

Yahhvi has collaborated with EO Charging UK to bring to you the best variety of AC and DC Ev- chargers under one roof at the best possible price so that you can enjoy using your electric vehicle as often as possible.


About the Promotor

Mr Sandeep has foreseen the future as electric. He believes if we are to live sustainably we must stop depending on fossil fuel-run vehicles and shift to Electric vehicles that can be charged using electric charging systems. He believes in making the Earth a better place to live in and has worked extremely hard towards a cleaner, greener future. Therefore he brought to life “Yahhvi” – a company that brings EV charging systems to your doorstep.

EO Smart App

Control the charge station from anywhere. Start, stop and pay-for charge made easy and handy.

  • Navigate to your nearest EO Charging location
  • Authenticate using QR code
  • Pay for charging on-the-go via Credit card & Debit card
  • View your charging history
  • Charge session screen pop-up & email notifications
  • Real time charging status